I am Chris Randall

Name: Chris Randall

Profile: full stack developer

Email: Chris.Crandall@outlook.com

Phone: (580) 478-4420


HTML 62.9%
CSS3 60%
MVC 55%
About me

I am a dedicated and aspiring programmer with a relentless passion for solving complex problems through the art of coding. From the moment I wrote my first "Hello, World!" program, I was hooked on the limitless potential of technology. In addition to my programming skills, I have hands-on experience in IT and network engineering, where I've honed my abilities to design, troubleshoot, and maintain robust network infrastructures.

As a lifelong learner, I've immersed myself in various programming languages and frameworks, constantly seeking opportunities to expand my skills. Whether it's building web applications, crafting elegant algorithms, or optimizing network performance, I am driven by a desire to create innovative solutions that make a positive impact. With a strong foundation in logic and a knack for turning ideas into functional software.

I'm excited to embark on a programming career where I can contribute to the ever-evolving tech landscape, ensure seamless connectivity, and turn concepts into reality, one line of code or network configuration at a time. Let's build a brighter, interconnected future together!


Skills aquired

Web Design

Skills to design, build and improve websites.

Web Development

Adept at collaborating with dynamic teams to build high-quality websites and identify opportunities to enhance the user experience.


Implementing, Configuring and Troubleshooting of WAN/Lan networks

Server Administration

Development and implementation of new system structures, monitored the activity of servers, and collaborated with colleagues on the improvement of all network services.


List of projects

Dungeon of Doom

Personal Site MVC





React /


Web Design /
Chanel Dubreuil
Gene Cathcart
Aidan McQuillan
Zoey Bateman
Alicia Villegas

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